We'll give you a Free Company Video when you use and promote GooMAPS.

Video marketing is so powerful we would like to get you going entirely for FREE.

We have several different styles of videos and all we need is your informaiton, your Logo and we'll create your own company introduction video. Just join GooMAPS and let your folks know you are there.

If all you ever want from us is your FREE GooMAPS and Free video, that's fine. We do this because we're confident once you see the power of our Powerful Tools and Systems, you will want to know more and we'll probably become partners.

30 Seconds

Numerous studies show that you must WOW folks in 30 Seconds Tops.

We have several different options and will Customize For You.

Another Style

We have 100's of Templates.

What you Get

We have nemerous royalty free soundtracks, or you can even record your voice and we'll put it into your video.

Get us your Logo and discription of what you do, etc.  This will usually involve a telephone interview and we can even do a Screen Share so you can see your video being built and we can edit together.  Since I do this myself the phone interview will usually be in the evenings, Mountain Standard Time.

We suggest you stream it on Youtube through your own account and we'll show you how to get it up and running so your rankings start to improve.

NONE.  This will be your video and you don't have to worry about any copyright infringement because our Agency Licence through the supplier covers you as well.
If all you ever want is your free video, not a problem, it's yours to use.
We are doing this to introduce you to our services.


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